Private Client Neighbour Disputes – Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a big problem if it is on a property of within 7 metres of its boundaries

  • Japanese Knotweed is a most invasive plant which if untreated can cause physical damage to the house, such as concrete paths and even walls. The good news is that it can be killed but only with dedicated effort over a period of time – called a Knotweed management plan
  • If you or your surveyor find Japanese Knotweed on the property you wish to buy or in the 7 metre risk zone surrounding it then a mortgage lender will be unlikely to lend on the security of that property until there is a 10 year Knotweed Management Plan from specialist contractors designed to kill the Japanese Knotweed and an insurance backed warranty to cover that 10 year period just in case the contractor goes out of business.

Our dispute resolution solicitors can help you every step of the way to ensure the Japanese Knotweed problem is solved and you do not have to pay for it.

Japanese Knotweed

If you are selling a property and Japanese Knotweed is found on the property or within the 7 metre risk zone then again the objective is to create a Knotweed Management Plan in order that your buyer can have comfort that the Knotweed is going to be eradicated over time and there is a suitable Knotweed Management Plan to satisfy the needs of the mortgage lender.

Our dispute resolution solicitors work closely with our conveyancing solicitors to ensure the Japanese Knotweed problem is solved, and your purchaser has the right paperwork to place before a mortgage lender.

We have contacts with experienced contractors who can

  • Survey the site
  • Produce a draft Knotweed Management Plan
  • Obtain the insurance backed

In more serious cases the Japanese Knotweed spreads from other property onto your property and causes damage. We can help you move quickly to stop the problem for the future and recover damages for your losses – to put you in the position you would have been in but for the Japanese Knotweed

Alternatively Japanese Knotweed may be spreading from your land onto other land and so you need to act quickly with a Knotweed Management Plan or you could be liable to your neighbours in nuisance and be forced to pay out damages.


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