Making a Will!


Following the government guidance our office doors are closed to the public. We are however working as hard as ever for clients,  coming up with innovative ways to keep things moving.

We want to reassure you all that we are still open for business. 

Bell Park Kerridge are committed to conducting our business in a safe and COVID secure manner. We want to keep you safe too!

Making a Will or reviewing your current Will is important – now more than ever as we all take stock of the new “normal”. We are in contact with more clients ensuring their affairs are in order, and updating their Wills. The current lockdown should not put you off dealing with your Will, indeed it is a great opportunity to just get it over with!!!

Ordinarily, we would meet with our clients face to face to take their Will instructions Now we take your Will instructions over the telephone or by video call.  You never leave your home.

We will then prepare a draft Will to be sent to you for approval.

When you are happy with your Will we will send it to you with clear instructions for the valid execution of your Will. It is extremely important that these instructions are followed so that you have a valid Will. included in our standard fee is our Will checking service, so if you can send the executed Will back to us, we will check it is correct. We can then send you back the original Will, or we can place it in our safe storage and send you a copy. You choose what is best for you.

But how do you get your Will witnessed by 2 witnesses?

We have the answers, and one way or another we will get the Will witnessed!!!

Let’s go back in time for a case from 1781!

Casson v Dade (1781)

In Casson v Dade (1781) a maid was in a carriage and witnessed a Will through a window when a horse pulling the carriage reared up, offering her a line of site of the moment of the signature. This is an example of where the circumstances were enough to meet the witnessing requirements.

Casson v Dade was also applied by Senior Judge Lush in Re Clarke in 2001when a Lasting Power of Attorney was held to have been validly executed where the donor was in one room and the witness in another, separated by a glass door.

Or, if that is impossible, then the last option would be virtual witnessing using Face Time or Zoom etc and a signed statement from each witness as to what took place. We can do all of this in the standard fee.

Please contact Sarah Coyles or Rachel Cameron to discuss your requirements.